Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is the most common option for students. It is often more enjoyable and productive for students because they receive all of Matt's attention for the full session period. Individual tutoring sessions typically last one hour, but they can be scheduled for longer if necessary.

Pricing: $45 per hour

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring offers students a positive work environment with their peers. This option works best when students are already familiar and comfortable with one another. Many students enjoy learning with their friend group, sports team, or other organization members.

Pricing: $35 per hour

Online Tutoring

With technology advancing every day, online tutoring can be the best option for many students. Individual Skype sessions allow students to stay in the comfort of their home while learning the same material as they would in an in-person tutoring session.

Pricing: $40 per hour

None of these options work?

There is always an option available when a student needs help with the ACT, even if it is not listed above. Contact Matt directly explaining how he can figure out exactly what works for you.